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New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Timothy J. Koegel has over twenty years of experience as a presentation coach and consultant to such business giants as Cisco Systems, Xerox, ExxonMobil, Forbes, Jones Lang LaSalle and Deloitte.

If you are like most professionals, you are required to use online communication more and more frequently. Are you making the most of those opportunities - whether videoconferences, webinars, podcasts, or simple conference calls-to get your message across? Virtual presentations command an extra level of detail and planning, a more assertive delivery style, and superior resourcefulness to keep the audience engaged. In order to thrive in this new digital frontier, you must possess a systematic process for planning and executing virtual presentations.

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We will design a presentation skills session that provides the highest quality training experience for you and your professionals.

These sessions are content driven, participation oriented and entertaining.

Sessions are scheduled based on the time needed to accomplish the training objectives. Sessions can range from one hour to three days in length.

The smaller the group, the more hands on coaching is provided for each participant.

Participants in all training sessions leave with a plan of action for improving their communication effectiveness.

Video tape critique and feedback is the most productive way to improve one's communication skills. We use video tape critique as often as possible, considering time constraints and the number of participants involved.


Tim Koegel


About Timothy J. Koegel

From the White House to boardrooms worldwide, Tim Koegel has strengthened the presentations, media relations and communication skills of CEOs, world leaders, business executives, managers and sales professionals.

Tim Koegel conducts CEO Boot camps nationally. He helps prepare executives for IPO Road shows and funding presentations.

A consultant to the political world, Tim has worked with members of both the House and the Senate. He has conducted workshops for the White House, members of Congress, the Department of Labor, NOAA, Office of Civil Rights, USA Freedom Corp, The EPA, Press Secretaries and other governmental organizations.

He provides media training for a client list that includes corporate executives, politicians, athletes, coaches and authors.

Tim lectures at business schools and executive MBA programs throughout the country: Duke, N. Carolina, Michigan, Notre Dame, Indiana, Wake Forest, Arizona State, Georgia, Emory, RPI Lally, Belmont University, Georgia State, NYU, Thunderbird, George Washington University, The Ohio State University, Purdue, Harvard Business School and many others.

A graduate of The University of Notre Dame, Tim is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling book, The Exceptional Presenter.  Tim's most recent book, The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual, was named a Top 5 Business Book by both the Washington Post and Live Mint / Wall Street Journal.






Training & Workshops

Our reach is global.
Every training option can be delivered in-person or by virtual technology.
We customize your training to include any combination of the following topics.

Improve On-screen Presence & Office Setup Details
Take Command of Your Message Details
Develop a Confident Engaging Delivery Style Details
Lead Exceptional Team Meetings and Proposals Details



Half-day to full-day programs for up to 100 participants.

Small Group Training

(4-12 participants). One or two-day workshops providing video tape feedback and critique for participants throughout the workshop.

One on One Coaching

Improve the ROI of your presentations. Refine your executive presence, your message and your delivery.

Exceptional Virtual Presentations

Prepare for and deliver more impactful and results oriented virtual meetings.

Keynote Presentations

Presentation Skills session provides fundamental overview of critical presentation skills. 45 minutes to 2 hours in length. Unlimited number of participants.

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