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Executive Summary of The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual

Lead Dynamic Online Meetings

2020 Official Executive SummaryThe business world has changed suddenly and dramatically.Challenge yourself and your team to establish higher standards for how you communicate with clients, prospects, recruits, fellow workers, or your students. This book will help you achieve your virtual meeting objectives and exceed participant expectations.

The stakes are higher and opportunities are fewer. Make every meeting count.Leading virtual meetings commands an extra level of detail and planning, a more assertive delivery style, and a relentless effort to keep your participants engaged.

This summary provides a systematic method for planning and executing these events. It’s based on Tim Koegel’s book, The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual, named a Top 5 Business Book by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.Tim’s easy to use advice will teach you to:

  • Keep it relevant, keep it engaging, and keep it moving.
  • Plan and sequence the timing and flow of your meetings.
  • Organize your team and topics.
  • Keep participants engaged and participating.
  • Create an in-person atmosphere for your virtual meetings.
  • Develop a dynamic and professional on-screen presence.
  • Practice to ensure that you accomplish your meeting objectives.
  • Overcome the challenges of meeting virtually.

Tim Koegel is a New York Times best-selling author, founder of The Presentation Academy, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and personal coach.

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