The Exceptional Presenter, Presentation and Media Consulting, Tim Koegel

The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual

- Become an exceptional presenter - in any medium! -

Named a Top 5 Business Book by:
Wall Street Journal / Live Mint and The Washington Post.

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Timothy J. Koegel has over twenty years of experience as a presentation coach and consultant to such business giants as Cisco Systems, Xerox, ExxonMobil, Forbes, Jones Lang LaSalle and Deloitte.

Presenting to an in-person audience is difficult. Presenting to a remote audience is difficult squared, unless you have a process.

The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual will give you this process and many practical tips to help you make every presentation a successful one. With presentation expert Tim Koegel's practical, easy-to-apply advice, you will learn how to:

  • Plan and sequence your virtual presentation
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Overcome the most challenging virtual hurdles
  • Choose the best delivery platform
  • Make it hard for the audience to look away
  • Create an "in-person" experience
  • Practice your delivery
  • Keep your presentation moving
  • Deliver a must-see even
  • Become an exceptional presenter-in any medium!
  • A Few Accolades...

In order to succeed, virtual presentations demand a higher level of planning and preparation, as well as a superior delivery. This book will help you to prepare for and deliver more impactful and results oriented virtual meetings and presentations.

You will learn the formula to:
Keep it Relevant
-Define your purpose and frame your presentation
-Selecting and sequencing your topics
-Help your team succeed by helping each team member prepare
Keep it Engaging
-Make the presentation more interesting than any distractions
-Don't fly solo – create roles for other participants
-Create an in-person experience
Keep it Moving
-Don't get bogged down, for any reason
-Create seamless transitions
-Manage the clock

"At Cisco, we are prolific users and providers of virtual technology. The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual gives us a brilliant set of new tools to improve the way we plan and deliver our virtual presentations."
- Gerard Lithgow, Area Vice President, Cisco Systems
"The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual provides actionable techniques for anyone wanting to consistently exceed the expectations of their remote audiences."
- Greg O'Brien, CEO of Brokerage, Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
"Tim Koegel has once again created the definitive resource for delivering exceptional presentations, this time, virtually. It is very well organized, very practical and very easy to digest. Anyone can benefit from this book."
- Karen Gilhooly, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Language Line Services
"The perfect complement to The Exceptional Presenter. As more of our meetings go virtual, the challenge is keeping them relevant, engaging and moving. Goes Virtual presents a clear guide for achieving those goals."
- Michael McCann, VP, Field and Sales Operations, Xerox, North American Resellers
"Whether he's speaking, teaching, coaching or writing, Tim Koegel has one agenda - to enable his clients to stand far above the crowd when presenting. His work with our Executive MBA students has been nothing short of remarkable. If you communicate through virtual media, then The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual is a must-read."
- Leo Burke, Professor and Director of Integral Leadership, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business

BULK ORDERS: Please note that books can be printed for bulk orders at a discount at

BULK ORDERS: Please note that books can be printed for bulk orders at a discount at



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